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    eComm-Wheel of Growth eBook

    A proven methodology for building, launching, and growing a B2B eCommerce Website that gets results.

    We reverse-engineered our most-successful online distributors to understand how they maintain and grow a thriving online channel for their traditional distribution business. Then, we organized those best-practices into a one-of-a-kind resource that you can use to grow your business.


    What you'll learn:

    • Why it's important to build your eCommerce website for the customer firstAsset 2-1 and the difference between a B2C and B2B buyer.
    • The purpose of the eComm-Wheel of growth is continuous improvement and why a website is a living and breathing resource that needs constant upkeep.
    • How to build an eCommerce and digital marketing team that can drive results.
    • Understanding the difference between off-the-shelf eCommerce platforms, ERP software solutions, and other types of technology.
    • Three essential types of content you need for your website and how to manage product content for your online catalog.
    • The importance of exceptional web design, user experience, communicating your value proposition, and defining the buyer journey.
    • How to develop standard operating procedures and consistent in-house project management tools that will help you maintain your online channel.
    • Launching an eCommerce website requires a thoughtful testing and feedback strategy to minimize mistakes and customer friction.
    • How to roll-out your new web platform to your existing customers and developing marketing campaigns that generate results.
    • The key performance indicators you need to keep your eye on to measure your success and drive meaningful changes.

    There's no secret to running a successful eCommerce website. It's hard work, costly, and time-consuming business, but the return on your investment is a platform that establishes you a technology leader in your industry.

    The eComm-Wheel of Growth is knowledge and power for independent distributors designed to level the playing field. We believe that with this guide distributors of all shapes and sizes can thrive online.

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    About the Author


    Matt Johnson is the Vice President of Business Development for ES Tech Group and the Managing Partner of Spinstak Growth Agency. He is a brand and marketing strategist with 16+ years experience working with industrial supply distributors in North America and beyond.

    Matt Johnson and his firm, Spinstak Growth Agency, have joined the ES Tech Group family of brands dedicated to helping independent distributors grow and win online.

    Matt's grandfather founded a safety distribution business in their basement which Matt and his father helped grow into a $100MM+ global supplier. He's lived the American dream and is passionate about helping other distributors compete against the biggest competitors in the industry.